Happy 60th Birthday Quotes
When you're 60 you start bragging about your age. How else are you going to get your senior discounts?
- Melanie White
I was born old and get younger every day. At present I am sixty years young.
- Herbert Beerbohm Tree
A man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years in eating.
- Arnold Bennet
60th birthday thrills: more pills, more chills, and more bills!
- Greg Tamblyn
If I had to live again, I would do exactly the same thing. Of course I have regrets, but if you are 60 years old and you have no regrets then you haven't lived.
- Christy Moore
Getting old has its advantages. I can no longer read the bathroom scale.
- Brad Schreiber
After a man passes sixty, his mischief is mainly in his head.
- Washington Irving
At 60, two of the most important things in life are bowel movements and nose hair.
- Greg Tamblyn
Though it sounds absurd, it is true to say I felt younger at sixty than I felt at twenty.
- Ellen Glasgow
One starts to get young at the age of sixty and then it is too late.
- Pablo Picasso
When I turned 60, it didn't bother me at all.
- Yoko Ono
Forget the block, when you're sixty, you've been around the entire neighborhood a few times.
- Dane Peddigrew

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